What A Life Real Estate Investing Brings

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Real Estate Investing A Fun Business

What A Life Real Estate Investing Brings. While everybody is out there hustling for corporate America. We sit comfortably in our small office’s scouting out properties to buy and sell.

Dallas, Texas is no different than any other city. Where each city has its fair share of real estate investors, scouting for more properties. We have all learned what the lifestyle can bring. This is definitely a fun business to be in today as well as the last 15 years.

As the fellow investor in Warrington, Pa. Phil Falcone “Mr. Addicted 2RealEstate says. Whether you are a Newbie or a seasoned Pro, this life style is Great!

There are many real estate investors here in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. And I am sure we all have good and bad days alike. But at the end of the day, I would not change this for the world. What A Life Real Estate Investing Brings

To get a pipeline full of motivated sellers and make CASH offers on each of those properties. To only get a few of those properties on contract each week is enough for me. Sometimes too much! The work that goes into dealing with each can be trying at times. But the reward always puts a satisfied smile on our faces.

What A Life Real Estate Investing Brings

Real Life in Real Estate Investing

When I receive phone calls from people wanting to learn the business is also gratifying. As we have the opportunity to pass forward what you have learned and accomplished to the next person.  That my friend is gratification.

To watch those individuals grow and succeed puts a smile on my face. Now don’t get me wrong, not everybody we help grows to success. There are some people that just don’t get it or don’t have the gumption (as dad said it) to make the calls. Go out to meet sellers of property then negotiate the deals. Believe me, I have those people in my own family. Simply trying to show people what they need to be doing aside from the investing part. We can still help these folks out in other positions.

From the marketing it takes to get the phone ringing, to making the calls and meeting sellers. I absolutely love this business and will not trade it for anything. We have to also find the money to do the rehabs each and every month. With “Private Lenders” lined up asking you to use their money for rehabbing houses. It does not get much better than this. Of course it has taken many months of trial and error to get to this point.

What A Life Real Estate Investing Brings

Well I just thought that I would share a bit of info with those of you who will read this. Should you have a house to sell, call any number of real estate investors out there. For the most part we will treat you as family too. It is another beautiful day in Dallas, Texas.

Call us to sell you property today at (214) 723-1304

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