So, You’re Thinking of Selling Your Home?

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So, you’re thinking of selling your home? And considering doing the repairs yourself? There are many home improvements you can do on your own to add value to your home. While being aware of the projects that can provide the best return. Can you do all the repairs yourself? A good home owner will keep track of all repairs and updates over the years.

Maximizing your home’s value by making improvements can be costly. Doing it yourself may save you time and money. Or, maybe not! Add curb appeal to keep up with your neighbors can be good when selling your home.

Resale Values

Resale for home improvement projects is an average 64.4 percent of a project’s cost if the home is sold within a year. With home improvement projects getting more expensive and the increasing home prices. Here are a few do-it-yourself tips you can check off your list for cheap, prior to sale.

Keep it clean Curb appeal and first impressions count when selling your home. Make the interior of your home shine from floor to ceiling. Spruce up the place. Pick up personal items and store them neatly away. Keep counters, baseboards and all areas inside and outside of the house clean. Clean all the windows, doors, and mirrors. Deep cleaning and declutter your home.

So, You’re Thinking of Selling Your Home? I Dallas, Fort Worth, TX

Exterior Cleaning and Curb Appeal

Add lighting Simply opening windows, cleaning skylights and removing outdated curtains can add natural light. Have old lighting fixtures hanging from your ceiling? Get new fixtures for your home. Include ceiling fans.

Yardwork Good yardwork improves the curb appeal of your home. It is important to think “green” when it comes to your landscaping. Choose low-maintenance landscaping, such as adding beds of mulch instead of grass or choosing Native Texas Plants plants to cut costs by requiring little effort on upkeep.

Interior Eyesores

Wood floors are the In Most homebuyers are moving away from wall-to-wall carpeting. With a preference on homes with hardwood floors. Refinishing wood floors on your own can seem like a daunting task. With the proper tools this DIY project can be done on a budget.

Interior painting Stick to neutral colors when choosing your paint, as you’ll want your paint colors to appeal to a larger number of people.

Update the kitchen Your kitchen is the part of your home that will get the greatest return on your dollar. Upgrading your current kitchen appliances like dishwashers, microwaves and stoves can increase the value of your home. Consider choosing stainless steel when updating your kitchen.

So, You’re Thinking of Selling Your Home?

Consider the Utilities

Check all electrical A healthy home electrical system is crucial, to pass a home inspection. Test your sprinkler systems and doorbell. Fix any lights or outlets that don’t work properly. Most of these tasks you can do on your own.

Update your bathroom(s) Bathrooms are another update must do. Giving your bathroom a quick refresh is a great DIY project when selling your home. Upgrade fixtures, such as knobs and pulls, check for leaky faucets or poor drainage, consider re-grouting your shower or installing a tile backsplash, and always keep it clean. These easy fixes will add value to your home.

Popcorn ceilings are ugly Popcorn ceilings are a thing of the past and tend to date and devalue a house. You can remove your popcorn ceiling yourself with the proper equipment.

Article Topic:  So, You’re Thinking of Selling Your Home?


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