Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas Housing Looks Great In 2017

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Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas Housing Looks Great In 2017

The State of Texas has set some record highs in 2016 as Dallas/Fort Worth sales and prices continues to climb. Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas Housing Looks Great In 2017. As one analyst says he expects the housing market to continue to boom for the foreseeable future.

We will continue to see a lot of activity with many companies moving into the Dallas-Fort Worth and strong job growth.

In today’s world, the lower price points are found on the existing home side and there’s been a huge demand for affordable housing.

Dallas_Fort Worth_Texas_Housing_Looks_Great_In_2017Association Numbers Look Good

The Texas Association of Realtors released its year-end report Tuesday, which showed Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington home sales grew 4.8 percent in 2016. with 98,625 existing single family home sales. In that time, home prices rose 9.4 percent to $232,000, according to the data.

In Texas, home sales increased 4.6 percent to 324,924 single family homes. with the median price rising 7.7 percent to $210,000.

Jim Gaines, the chief economist at the Real Estate Center at Texas A&M University, said he expects this year’s housing market to keep pace with last year’s strong levels of housing sales. However, home prices are outpacing household incomes, which is a concern to Gaines & Wilson who see this potentially being a stumbling block to future home sales growth.

Household incomes are rising at a dis-proportionally low rate than home prices, creating housing affordability  challenges across the state. In housing  development, labor shortages and regulatory barriers are slowing construction and, in turn, driving up new home sales.

Median income -vs- Median Prices

Wilson said existing homes on the market are helping fulfill the demand for affordable homes. Only 16.2 percent of the new homes sold are affordable to a household in Dallas making the median income. This means if you are making under $70,000 a year, you have to look at the existing home market because there’s not many new home in that price point.

The median price of a new home is about $345,000. That is far more than the maximum amount the median household in Dallas can afford, which is about $240,000.

As far as we can see inventories are remaining tight and, in all likelihood. there will continue to be a lot of growth in Dallas-Fort Worth in the next few years.

As rates  go higher, housing will remain expensive. There’s no bubble here and we have told people if you are in the market for a house and qualify, it’s as good a time as any to buy.

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