Why do some houses sit on the market for sale, longer than others?

Why do some houses sit on the market for sale, longer than others?

Why do some houses sit on the market for sale, longer than others? One of the most fundamental changes the Dallas Real Estate Market has seen since the last recession, is the rapid disappearance of new and existing houses priced below $200,000. Houses at or below $200,00 price point made up 66 percent of all home sales here in 2011.

Today, just 39 percent of all houses sold here are below that price point. Houses above that price point have proven to need a lot of work. This is also the case outside of central Dallas. Suburbs that have the most existing sub-$200,000 houses are Richardson, Garland, Mesquite and The Colony have the fewest properties for sale. And most of those houses are not for sale.

Even so, the local construction market, which employs  81,000 workers in the Dallas area, has found that it lacks 10,00to 20,000 skilled workers. So, to the point, if you want or need to remodel or make small repairs to your home, you need to make appointments as far out as 3 to 4 months.

Last year, 73 percent of all new construction was for houses priced at $300,000 and above. And just 8 percent was for houses priced below $200,000 has helped the city’s median home prices rise to $236,000, which for the first time puts Dallas higher than the National median of ($232,00)

While the increased supply is a nice change for buyers, for sellers it’s not yet working out. This spring, sales were down 27 percent on the year for the whole area, across all prices. Supply was up. Demand was down.

Why_do_some_houses_sit_on_the_market_for_sale_longer_than_others?And yet, that’s the scenario playing out in any number of neighborhoods and suburban cities across the area. And the number of days that properties sit on the market has in creased as a result in selected spots.

Why do some houses sit on the market for sale, longer than others?

Some are relived that the pace of sales has let up, if only a little. you can ‘t expect your house to sell in three days anymore. That’s still happening, but we have more inventory now, and that’s not been great for many sellers. But is has been good for many buyers. And after these past few years, any sense of balance in this market is really appreciated.

Higher interest rates or higher level of political volatility in Washington could weigh prices down faster than expected. Of course, any number of other factors could throw off that balance. Or, another big corporate relocation announcement could push prices up to create another hot market. Either way, while it seems closer, this market’s peak is not yet in clear sight.

When you look at listings for homes online, they usually have a part of the listing that shows how long the house has been on the market or (DOM) days on market. After 90 days, most real estate agents deem that property as stale. This stale property may get less money when it finally does sell. Why? Many buyers see a longer time on the market and make an assumption that there’s something wrong with the home.

Many home buyers see a longer time on the market and assume that the other home buyers who have viewed the house know something that they don’t. Then they just ignore the house all together. However, most real estate agents will tell you that it’s less likely that the home has major problems. Here are some of the reasons why do some houses sit on the market for sale, longer than others?

Priced too high – What’s the main cause of a home sitting on the market forever. The listing price is too high. Every home will sell at the right listing price. And if it’s the wrong price, then it will just sit on the market. Buyers most likely jumped when the home was put on the market, And after seeing the property, decided to buy something that was a better value.

Stubborn Seller – Along with this high listing price, the seller may be stubbornly refusing to lower the listing price. Sellers should be willing to negotiate their prices in order to get their home off the market.

Hard To Show – Sometimes the home just doesn’t show well. The seller may need a professional designer or staging help. Other sellers need to open their schedules to let potential buyers view the property.

It was FSBO and a Realtor took it over – As I have seen many times. Sometimes home sellers try to sell their home themselves as a FSBO. Many times these houses stay on the market for months. Simply because home sellers can’t make time to show the house, because they’re at work. A realtor may have taken over the listing when the FSBO gave up on selling the home.

The Home is i Bad Condition – If worse comes to worse, the home may actually be in condition. Sometimes sellers want to offer buyers credit for repairs that they don’t want to do themselves. This usually keeps buyers away from the home. They don’t want to have to fix up the home (unless they’re looking for a fixer-upper). The best way to see if the home is in bad condition is to make an offer and then inspect the home. If the home inspector see major problems with the home’s systems and appliances, and the seller refuses to budge on the price and won’t fix the systems or appliances. Decide if you’re OK with fixing up the place yourself. Or if you should find a better home elsewhere.

If you are worried about why a home is on the market too long, ask your realtor. They should be able to tell you what’s going on with the home.

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Listings under $300,000 in North Texas – cashforhousesrh.com

Listings under $300,000 in North Texas – cashforhousesrh.com, they will usually be off market and sold in a matter of days, or weeks, not months. You got your starter homes, your first-time-home buyers and select investors are still picking up these properties in that price range fast. These house nuder $300,000 sell very fast.

Millennials and Empty Nesters

We still prefer to buy these type of houses for that one reason alone. Very low days on the market! And it’s not just the millennials craving the urban lifestyle. Many empty nesters are looking to more near downtown Dallas.

All of North Texas is seeing these same houses under $.300,000, being sold very fast. We as local real estate investment company must keep 14 to 16 rehab house projects lined up waiting to be rehabbed, in order to stay ahead of the game.

We have been in the real estate investment business since 2001 in North Texas. For the last five years, prices have shot up. Most of the properties we buy are through the Foreclosure process or Probate properties or inheritance. With houses staying on the market a few days longer now, we see the slowing market coming.

Oak Cliff, Texas

Take Oak Cliff, Texas for instance. Houses in that area were probably undervalued in the past, so when home prices increased 25 percent in that area, it was more of a market correction in itself. Listings under $300,000 in North Texas – cashforhousesrh.com

Houses we could have bought a year ago, are now $60,000 more today on average. There is a struggle to find a great house under $300,000. Where maybe two or three years ago you could maybe get a house around or under the $300,000 price point. When a house does come available at that price point, it always becomes a bidding war.


Approximately 96 percent of first time home buyers use a mortgage to finance their home purchase. That makes the share of first time home buyers in the market closely connected with increases and decreases in the mortgage rates. Listings under $300,000 in North Texas – cashforhousesrh.com

That’s part of the reason why when mortgage rates rose in late 2016, the share of first-time home buyers dropped and is expected to stay below average.

Dallas has been racking a little bit lower than the rest of the country. The County of Dallas is relatively expensive compared to many markets where we’re seeing them have more success. About 44 percent of people buying a home in the U.S.A. are first time home buyers. While that’s above average, it’s down from 55 percent for the industry.

Another factor contributing to the drop in first time home buyers and the national rise in housing prices and low inventory. that holds true for North Texas. People are pouring into the North Texas area from other cities and other countries. Causing home prices to rise by 43 percent in the last five years.

Listings under $300,000 in North Texas – cashforhousesrh.com

The National Association of Realtors said that while 2016 was a great year for existing home sales, December saw a 2.8 percent drop because of high cost caused by record low inventory.

Home affordability, for both buying and renting remains a pressing concern because of another year of insufficient home construction. After beating expectations in September, October and December last year. Reality finally caught up with existing homes sales in December last year. At  this point, lackluster inventory remains the number one driver of sales and prices. Listings under $300,000 in North Texas – cashforhousesrh.com

The industry is trying its best to keep up with demand in DFW. In 2017, residential strategies projected 32,000 new homes will be built. That would be the first time since before the housing crash DFW will eclipse the 30,000 mark.

Industry experts say mortgage rates are expected to grow even more this year. So will the trend of decreased number of first time home buyers. After all, mortgage rates started rising in October 2016 and there was still a healthy number of first timers in the market.

Since the recession, when an all time high of 50 percent of home buyers were first timers. The number has steadily gone down until it bottomed out at 32 percent in 2015. Despite ending in a frenzy, it recovered only slightly in 2016 to 35 percent, which is still below average.

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Buy My House Fast in Dallas, Texas

Buy My House Fast in Dallas, Texas

These guys are life savers. I called and asked them to Buy My House Fast in Dallas, Texas. They helped me in a pinch. I went through another local house buyer in the Dallas, Texas area. I had everything lined up with my new house.

The day before I was scheduled to move in my new house, the other house buyers canceled our contract. Saying, their lender would only provide so much money to buy a fix up the house. Which in turn made the other house buyers short on closing on my house, our contract.

I found cashforhousesrh.com on the internet and called them. They came out, looked at my house and gave me a fair cash offer to buy it. I then explained my situation to Robert who was very easy to work with. He gave me a (3) day closing, he paid the closing cost and then made sure that I had money in hand to move into my new home.

How’s that for Great Service? I have already recommended Robert and his team to all my family and friends and I would definitely use them again if need be. Should you need to sell your house fast call (214) 723-1304 or email robert@cashforhousesrh.com He and his team are very nice people and very easy to work with. They do what they say they will do.

Seller Conned or No Due Diligence

How many times does this scenario happen you ask? You would be totally surprised, is the answer. With so many newbies and wannabies out there, with no education or experience in buying and selling Single Family Homes. It’s a wonder why the sellers fall into these scenario’s. Buy My House Fast in Dallas, Texas.


With so many different exit strategies to use when buying or selling real estate. These newbies can’t learn everything overnight. Understandably so, but why do sellers contact these newbies, sign their Contract for Sale of Real Estate? Is it desperation or simply being ‘sold a bill of goods’ and not knowing any better?

Good questions, simple answer is, experienced house buyers must do a better job of marketing their services. Homeowners must do a better job of qualifying the buyer. Such as, ask for a (POF) Proof of Funds from the buyer.

Buyer Needs to Honest

If the buyer cannot provide the seller a POF, it is time to walk away. Should the buyer provide a POF, be certain that it is verifiable. In other words, the seller must be able to contact the lending institution so as to verify the funds are available. The seller must contact the lender to verify they have worked with the house buyers before.

These are simple task that the home seller should anticipate, prior to asking any buyer to buy my house fast. There are also other things the seller should look for. Simply things as, did the buyer ask about the location of the under ground gas line, or the water line. Simple yes, but very important to an experienced fix-n-flip buyer. Buy My House Fast in Dallas, Texas.

Reason, the buyer will be thinking about repairs and the water and gas lines are extra expenses when a buyer has to get a permit from the city, in order to repair or replace a pipe line. Did the buyer look at the driveway, fencing, trees to be trimmed or removed. Yes these are simple items, but real buyers or fix-n-flippers do look at all expenses to a rehab project.

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Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas Housing Looks Great In 2017

Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas Housing Looks Great In 2017

The State of Texas has set some record highs in 2016 as Dallas/Fort Worth sales and prices continues to climb. Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas Housing Looks Great In 2017. As one analyst says he expects the housing market to continue to boom for the foreseeable future.

We will continue to see a lot of activity with many companies moving into the Dallas-Fort Worth and strong job growth.

In today’s world, the lower price points are found on the existing home side and there’s been a huge demand for affordable housing.

Dallas_Fort Worth_Texas_Housing_Looks_Great_In_2017Association Numbers Look Good

The Texas Association of Realtors released its year-end report Tuesday, which showed Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington home sales grew 4.8 percent in 2016. with 98,625 existing single family home sales. In that time, home prices rose 9.4 percent to $232,000, according to the data.

In Texas, home sales increased 4.6 percent to 324,924 single family homes. with the median price rising 7.7 percent to $210,000.

Jim Gaines, the chief economist at the Real Estate Center at Texas A&M University, said he expects this year’s housing market to keep pace with last year’s strong levels of housing sales. However, home prices are outpacing household incomes, which is a concern to Gaines & Wilson who see this potentially being a stumbling block to future home sales growth.

Household incomes are rising at a dis-proportionally low rate than home prices, creating housing affordability  challenges across the state. In housing  development, labor shortages and regulatory barriers are slowing construction and, in turn, driving up new home sales.

Median income -vs- Median Prices

Wilson said existing homes on the market are helping fulfill the demand for affordable homes. Only 16.2 percent of the new homes sold are affordable to a household in Dallas making the median income. This means if you are making under $70,000 a year, you have to look at the existing home market because there’s not many new home in that price point.

The median price of a new home is about $345,000. That is far more than the maximum amount the median household in Dallas can afford, which is about $240,000.

As far as we can see inventories are remaining tight and, in all likelihood. there will continue to be a lot of growth in Dallas-Fort Worth in the next few years.

As rates  go higher, housing will remain expensive. There’s no bubble here and we have told people if you are in the market for a house and qualify, it’s as good a time as any to buy.

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Foreclosure Options for Homeowners and Lenders

Foreclosure Options for Homeowners & Lenders

Foreclosure options for  homeowners and lenders, they actually have a lot of options when it comes to foreclosures. Lenders do not have to foreclosure and, many times, the homeowners don’t know about all the options they have to avoid foreclosure. Often times, the homeowners have the ability to stop the foreclosure before it happens, by working with their particular lender, or with an investor.

Typically, once a homeowner misses(3) payments, the lender will start the foreclosure process. Depending on the State and County, it can take anywhere from (21) days to a year for a property to be foreclosed on. Yes, a Year! In Dallas, Texas, I have seen foreclosures take up to (18) months. That is from the time of missed payments, Notice of Default to the foreclosure auction. So there is plenty of time to find a solution.

In some states, once the lawsuit is filed, it can take anywhere from 21-45 days for the house to be sold at foreclosure auction. These days, the lender might actually stall and wait a few months before they file the lawsuit. Giving the homeowners more time to make other arrangements current, this includes Texas. The homeowner can stay in the house until that time.


Selling Your House Fast

Other arrangements include selling the house or working with a real estate investor like me. Even though the homeowner is in default, they still own the property and have the right to sell it. Homeowners have a couple of different options for trying to sell their house, depending on how much they owe on it. In many foreclosures, there is no equity in the house, but if there is some equity in the house, or if what’s owed is equal to or below the market value of the house, then it is a good option to sell your house fast.

Two options for selling the property are For Sale by Owner (also known as FSBO) or through a realtor. There are Pros & Cons to each. Selling your house For Sale by Owner can be very stressful on the homeowner, who is probably already under a great deal of stress. It takes time for the homeowner to put ads in the newspapers and online. Now the homeowner has to be there ever time a buyer wants to see the property. They are also responsible for any marketing expenses for ads and signs that they want to put out. If they are already under financial distress, having more marketing expenses is probably not going to help.

Foreclosure Options for Homeowners and Lenders

Selling through a realtor can be less stressful as far as expenses go and having to do their own marketing. However, those things aren’t free. That’s where the realtor commissions comes in. When the house is sold,a certain percentage is taken from the seller’s proceeds in order to pay the realtor. If house doesn’t sell for a high enough price, once the realtor commission is paid, the homeowner (who is already unable to make their mortgage payment) then has to to bring cash (which they may not have) to the closing table in order to satisfy what’s owed to their lender.

Now, there are (2) types of repayment plans. They are Loan Modification and Forbearance.

The Loan Modification permanently changes one or more terms of the homeowners loan. For example, the interest rate may be lowered and permanently changed so that the homeowner has a lower payment and a better chance to make the payments. There could also be an extension on the payoff terms of the loan. A re-amortization of the loan takes place and the new payoff schedule is put into place. When this happens, the loan is reinstate and the payment is one that  the homeowner can afford. This gives the homeowner a better chance of being able to make their mortgage payments and keep their house.

The Forbearance agreement is beneficial for borrowers who have had a temporary financial difficulty rather than long term financial difficulty. The reason this is true is because a forbearance agreement has the borrower bring the loan current by rolling missed payments and late fees on top of their current mortgage payment, typically increasing their payments to an even higher amount than before.

Does this make sense? NO! For someone who is already having trouble paying their mortgage, this is a near impossible solution because it is increasing the monthly payment that they are already behind on. Most homeowners who are in foreclosure don’t have any extra money to make a higher payment, or even their current (lower) payment, so this isn’t a good option for most people.

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Foreclosure Options for Homeowners and Lenders







Sell Your House Fast Dallas

Sell Your House Fast Dallas, using simple effective and inexpensive tips. You can expect an offer quick. Whether you are selling in Dallas, Texas or Fort Worth, Texas, you can sell your house fast, but putting your house on the market can be stressful. Having to keep it presentable and showing the house every week and weekend. Now, if you have kids and pets, double the stress.

Know this, buyers will most interested in your property in the first few weeks on the market. So things you need to do well are here…

Steps to Selling Your House Fast

  1. Get that storage unit: Do you really think the easiest way to declutter a home is to shove everything into the closets? Wrong, Buyers who tour your house will check out the storage space available. Don’t get caught unorganized with overstuffed closet space. Go get that storage unit instead, to house all the items. This will also make for a quick move out, once the your house sells. You can also call the Salvation Army to pick up any furniture you will not use again.
  2. Promote your house yourself- don’t leave all the market to somebody else. Do your part to get the word out about selling your house by using your own personal social media accounts. Send  the a promo to all of your family and friends and ask everyone to pass it forward. You never know who is in the market to buy a house. Tell your neighbors, they may have family or friends who are looking to move into the area.
  3. Find the Right Real Estate Agent, not all real estate agents are the same. What really matters? The agents track record of sales in your area is what proves who should get the job. An agent must be familiar with the neighborhood, be able to walk into your home and be able to tell the story of exactly what buyers want to hear. Be sure to check the online reviews the agent should have. If not, you may get stuck with a house you no longer want. Will the agent promote the property online and post the photos on their website and other websites?


Should You Make Upgrades to Get A Better Price

Making small upgrades may help. Don’t go overboard with it though. Chances are that you will not get your money back from upgrades. Let’s focus on the smaller upgrades, particularly the kitchen and bathroom(s). These are the areas where you will get a return on your investment. New sinks, and cabinet hardware for the kitchen. Light fixtures, and maybe appliances. Shower curtains, hand towel hangars can easily transform these areas. Do this you can spend around $3,000-$4,000 and should not spend more than that.

Selling Your House at The Right Time

This is a must, if possible. Spring and summer are typically the best times to sell a home. If you can wait until then,you would be better off. Inventory may be higher in these seasons, but if you did your work correctly, no problem. Be sure your home is looking good, and price the property correctly. Just because you want or need a certain amount does not mean the neighborhood or area calls for that price. Do your research on the CMA (Comps) and get listing prices suggestions from a couple of agents. Taking one agents price quote may not be the correct one. Sell Your House Fast Dallas, but sell it with the correct asking price.

Here are several online sources where you can get free CMA’s. Visit redfin.com I have found gives the closest to what an agent will get as for comps in the area. Don’t go beyond 1/2 mile radius, and be sure to describe your property correctly. Stay away from zillow.com  they have whacked out comps and are never what should be used.

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Are you the Executor of a Will? Now what?

Are you the Executor of a Will? Now what?

Are you the Executor of a Will? Now what? Now that you are the Executor of a Will or (Personal Representative) it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Get organized to make things a bit easier. First, did the decedent have a Will?

If no Will, then in Texas, yo do not have to Probate the Estate. In Texas, you can legally sell and divide all property owned by the decedent and you can gain access to any bank accounts , as agreed to by all family members. Simply give ma call at (214) 723-1304, and I will walk you through the process of ‘No Will’.

It is much easier than people think, to work with a Title company who can handle the sale of real estate owned by the decedent, when there is no will.

You can ask yourself, are you willing to be the executor, and possibly have to work with a co-executor? if yes, then find out if there…

  1. Are co-executors? If so, can you and are you , willing to work with the other(s)?
  2. Is there property owned or real estate to be sold?
  3. Are there banking accounts or investment accounts to be handled and divided?


Once Determined the Executor of a Will, Now What?

Among all of this, are you ready to take on the financial responsibility that goes with the position? Not to mention the time and work involved, because it will be a journey. Are you the executor of a will? Now what?

The executor of a will and /or the estate is responsible for the funeral and burial arrangements. An executor will pay for the cost involved with the estate and probate. Which includes Attorney fees and Court cost.

Get all important documents together-life insurance policies, titles-deeds to all properties owned by the decedent. All tax returns, and documents relating to any benefits such as Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid, investment certificates, and burial plots. Put everything in a file folder. on a spread, add all items that are in that folder.

Keep it as simple as possible, keep it current, keep it in a safe place.

We Buy Houses Inherited by Heir’s

Since 2001, we have been buying houses from heirs of decedents and have seen many easy a process go bad fast, when the heirs do not agree on the most simple issues. A consideration would have been to look into a Revocable Living Trust. Problems solved, or could have been.

Are you the Executor of a Will? Now what? Or is there no Will? Give us a call at (214) 723-1304 to find out more about how the process can work when there is No Will. There is no need for family disputes and most times an outsider can help resolve the mater quicker.

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So You Are Selling Your Home Yourself? FSBO in Dallas, Texas

So You Are Selling Your Home Yourself? FSBO in Dallas, Texas

So You Are Selling Your Home Yourself? FSBO in Dallas, Texas. What paperwork is needed when selling your home on your own. You don’t want to pay a realtor’s commission. You can take an offer from investors, but need the most money. There is certain paperwork you need before you can sell. You also need to clean up the house inside and outside, before showing the place.

State Regulations

So, know this, different States have different regulations when it comes to selling residential real estate. So, in Texas, do some research before getting started. Look at websites for the State of Texas and Dallas County for which your property is located. You will also need to find a friendly Title company or Real Estate Attorney to complete your transaction and transfer title to the buyer.

A Real Estate Attorney can provide the documents needed for you and close the deal. Or at least guide you in the correct direction and watch to make sure no State Laws are broken. Get all documents together and make (2) copies. One copy for you and the other copy for the buyer, as the buyer will need any copies of the transaction. You will want to make all copies of your ownership of the property available for potential buyers.


So You Are Selling Your Home Yourself? FSBO in Dallas, Texas

Remember to get an appraisal and inspection done, so all copies are provided to buyers as well. Should you need to make minor repairs to the house, keep all receipts and be sure they are transferable to the buyer.

The property survey should be made available

Property Title showing your ownership

Again, all receipts from any work competed

Warranties for all appliances, finishes and upgrades

Any plans for additions and upgrades

Get a Home Equity Line of Credit which shows value of the property

Any utility bills to show energy conservation

Property Tax bill

Home Insurance Documents

Any Homeowner’s Association agreements and covenants

Floor plans and blueprints

You Must Disclose All Problems

You will need a full disclosure statement and plan available with copies to share with each potential buyer as you show your home. In Texas, the disclosure needs to outline any and all defects and dangers on or within the property. The disclosure will need to include, any mold, lead paint, radon, structural issues, flooding, asbestos, and other potential problems.

Your local Realtor Association can provide you with the disclosure documents. There is a series of yes-no questions to answer detailing the property and your experience living therein.  Before your buyer(s) start making offers to purchase your home, it’s only fair they are aware of any problems or issues with the property.

Time for the Real Estate Contract

Now the agreement between buyer and seller, preparing and executing the proper legal agreement is critical. This contract should outline all the terms and agreement(s) for both buyer and seller, and should include:

Identity of the buyer and seller

Property characteristics (type of property whether a condo, single family home, multi-unit, address, lot size, parking sites, legal description)

Purchase price

Amount of Earnest funds and the terms of the borrower’s financing

Any contingencies (an attorney and inspection provisions)

Closing date

Tax prorations, assessments & utilities

The particulars of what type of Title clearance the seller is obligated to provide

Particulars as to which party pays for what closing cost.

Legalese regarding Notice of Default, etc.

Any miscellaneous provisions the parties agree on

You can find all the contracts and addendums needed when selling your home FSBO at the Texas Real Estate Commission and get moving selling your home FSBO.

So You Are Selling Your Home Yourself? FSBO in Dallas, Texas



With so much going on in the world of Dallas Real Estate

With so much going on in the world of Dallas Real Estate

With so much going on in the world of Dallas Real Estate, it is good to find your business amongst the competition.  We buy houses in Dallas. So called gurus are selling their real estate programs to newbies as veteran investors and realtors alike are finding and landing real estate contracts.

As a real estate investor since 2001, I usually have 12 to 15 houses lined up for rehab. We stay very busy with all rehab projects and I find myself having to perform multiple tasks in our acquisitions. Enjoying the fruits of our labors for the last 16 years will be past to our children very soon.

So should you need to sell your home in Dallas, you need to call me at (214) 723-1304. I will make you a Top Dollar Cash Offer for your house.

When trying avoid foreclosure, that can be a scary time. We have found that many home owners in Dallas foreclosure, have never contacted their lender for help. By the time the home owner does anything it is some times too late.

Our Competition is Tough

With the competition such as the Chinese Investors and Hedge Funds buying houses at a higher price than what some investors are willing to pay. It’s no wonder some of those investors are closing their doors. For clearer explanation, the Chinese Investors have always been a good competitor.With_so_much_going_on_in_the_world_of_real_estate Buying at fair prices, now we have the Chinese buying houses and all real estate in America, directly from the banks and auctions. Even if you need to avoid probate, there are ways to do just that. These competitors will also be there to buy that Dallas probate property.

Hedge Funds have stepped into the game buying multiple packages of properties from banks and portfolios of properties. Some have asked how we have been able to stay in the market of buying and selling houses in the Dallas area. We have worked with many wholesalers in Dallas, Texas.

Wholesalers are those who buy directly from the property owner(s) and resell that property to us at a slightly higher price. Must sellers will cal us saying, buy my house, and once we have made our cash offer, they find the process very smooth going.

Where to Find Property to Purchase

Wholesalers have been doing this for years and will continue to do so for many years to come. One reason we buy houses in Dallas from real estate wholesalers is, I don’t have the time to market our services in order for the property owner to find my business. That is a full time job to stay in front every day. Although I do pay cash for houses in Dallas every week.

So we ask ourselves, do we expand our area or farm? I say we stay patient and the property will continue to come to us for purchase. We will soon be purchasing from Banks, Auctions & Hedge Funds as they will all start selling those properties looking for their profit or loss. One can only hold a piece of property for so long before it is time to sell.

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Curb Appeal Makes the Difference When Selling Your Home

Curb Appeal Makes the Difference When Selling Your Home

Curb Appeal Makes the Difference When Selling Your Home. First impressions matter when it comes to selling your home. According to National Association of Realtors, 63% of home buyers will go visit a home, after viewing it online.

The homes exterior including the front yard, walk way(s), driveway and sidewalk all play a big part in the homes curb appeal.  Even if you’re not planning to sell your home soon, a fresh welcoming exterior is nice to come home to.


Big and Bold Address Numbers

We added big bold house numbers to our exterior, and a new coat of paint. Color schemes make a difference. Clean up the landscape and basic small exterior repairs make the curb appeal work. Paint that front door and shutters to match.

Replacing the lighting, from small to big statement-making pendant light. Add lighting beneath the eaves or install solar lights along the front walk. Remember to lay out a neat path to the backyard. Use natural state of Texas plants and flowers in the front and backyards. These will grow year round and not need much attention throughout the year.

Remember, a little can go a long way to great curb appeal. When you live in the city, it can be hard to personalize your home’s exterior. Though working with what you have by adding neat window planters, glossy black shutters, good lighting and clearly visible house numbers.

Curb Appeal Makes the Difference When Selling Your Home

Spending a couple of weekends working on the outside of your house, in beautiful weather to make sure your home looks great, benefits everybody and the neighborhood. Before long your neighbors will be doing the same to their properties.

Now, let’s look at those windows. Sometimes a good cleaning will do the trick. But then there are times when a new set of windows are needed. One of the simplest but most satisfying fix-ups you can do is to make your windows shine again. We all enjoy natural light in the house. You may need to pull some weeds or ivy around the house to get that natural light inside.

How does the trim around the window panes look? Does it need more than a paint job. Clear out the rotted wood if needed. Not such a hard to thing to do. DIY clapboard repairs.

Renew the deck(s) in front and back. Fixing the deck spaces around your home, so they’re safer and more inviting for summer and fall entertaining.


Doing these repairs and clean ups may take a couple of weekends, but in the end it will be well worth your time and effort.

Article Topic: Curb Appeal Makes the Difference When Selling Your Home