The Perks of Investing in Real Estate Dallas, Call (214) 723-1304

The perks of investing in real estate Dallas, Call (214) 723-1304. Want to keep on enjoying the incredible perks of investing i real estate. Here are six secrets of the super successful companies over the long run.

Deliver What You Say

If there is one thing that makes or breaks a real estate investor, and in business period. It is delivering not just value, but what is presented.You may not need to do a full appraisal, simply because you know what to look for. You may not have to do a full appraisal. Due to your experience.

You may not do a full inspection,but you should respect the product and show the homeowner what you find that needs to be repaired. There’s nothing like making a good and fair cash offer to buy a house, only to be turned down. Then you find the guy who did get the house on contract, got it simply because he or she shared their findings with the homeowner. It builds trust. The perks of investing in real estate Dallas, Call (214) 723-1304.

Invest in Yourself in Making Your Buyers Successful

The same thing goes for your sellers too. People can tell if you are trying to just make a buck off of them, or you are really eager to help them succeed. Help them win at every deal you pass there way. They will be grateful and buy more deals from you.

To do this, you must have a heart for what you do for a living. There are so many pieces to this business and all should be shared with the correct people, whether it be the homeowner, buyer or seller. There are things that take time to understand, perfect and turn into consistent habits. But once your habits in dealing with people, you actually be excited about investing and helping others.


Real Estate Systems at Work For You

I can assure you that running a business is no simple matter. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication. Entrepreneurs on every level have a tendency to want to be everywhere, do everything and take on as many projects as possible. It’s human nature, you are creating your place in the business world. The perks of investing in real estate Dallas, Call (214) 723-1304

However, I can also assure you there isn’t a quicker way to run yourself into the ground.With that said, I recommend that you implement real estate systems to help you through your daily routine. Establish systems that are capable of replicating the results you want to see on a daily basis. everything from ordering office supplies to closing on deals should have a system in place. That way, you can expect results, no matter who is in charge of the task at hand. Having systems in place will help your business grow more efficiently.

Having been a real estate investor for more than a decade, I too continue to slip up on systems that I should have put into place before. As things change, so should you.

Embrace New Technology

Not every investor loves to play around with every new device, or test out new tech in their business. Yet, it is one of the easy ways to keep getting noticed, stand out, be more efficient and get an edge on the competition. That runs the gamut from new phone systems with better cameras, to funding options, methods of communicating and lead generation.

Today there tech systems that help you determine your offer to purchase the property. Accounting systems technology that helps get in and get out fast. Then there’s the deal structuring technology that helps you structure your deal for the most profit in the end. Certain deals may be better suited for the Cash purchase. While others should utilize lender financing. Either way, you need to devise a system that can help you  quickly determine which path you will take.

The Perks of Investing in Real Estate Dallas, Call (214) 723-1304

Short term thinkers are always desperately looking to close a deal today and to pay the bills this month (maybe even for last month). That’s an expensive way to do business and has many pitfalls. The savviest also work on building their future pipeline. Don’t throw away leads just because they aren’t ready to close yet. If you start nurturing a bulging database now, you can have 10 or more deals coming in every month on autopilot for the years ahead.

Treat everyone well, drip market to them via email or Facebook and U.S.P.S. but build that pipeline so that you have those deals coming in later. You will be surprised as to how many you will acquire.

Build Your Brand

Listen, don’t just market to people either. Devote time and budget to grow your brand each and every month. Then people will come to you. Be proactive about protecting your reputation. especially online. Roll out content that will can keep in front of your customers for years.

Determining how to build a solid brand strategy is an essential component of every great business plan. While a business plan helps to guide entrepreneurs on how to navigate the current marketplace, develop a method for generating an annual revenue stream.

When done right, the finished product is scalable, repeatable strategy that will position your brand for growth. Did you know that monitoring customers feedback is a meaningful way, that empowers your brand? With the knowledge and experiences being shared by your customers.

Article Topic: The Perks of Investing in real Estate Dallas, Call (214) 723-1304

Who Wants to Sell Their Home for More This Year? Call (214) 723-1304

Who Wants to Sell Their Home for More This Year? Call (214) 723-1304

Who wants to Sell Their Home for More This Year? Call (214) 723-1304, if you have ever sold a home, you know it takes money to make it happen. You  have got to fix and freshen it up to attract buyers. The real estate agent fees are 6%. Then  there are the closing cost. And moving brings up a hole other expense in itself.

But perhaps the biggest chunk that comes out of your pocket is the real estate agent commission, which traditionally runs 6%. For the typical “For Sale by Owner” or (FSBO) home sold in Dallas/Fort Worth, the property was on the market longer and average sale price was below asking price. You can see why many sellers are going at it solo to sell your house.

With that in mind it’s no wonder why many home sellers are calling on investors to buy their house. Most investors who buy houses, inspect the house themselves, and can close faster. The traditional home buyers have to get the approval from a lenders (banks), then wait another 30 – 45 days for approval or denial.

Wouldn’t  You Rather Sell Your House Fast

Your home is your biggest investment, and you want to make the most of it. Keeping the agent commission all to yourself seems like an easy way to do that. The problem is your are leaving even more money on the table by opting to do that. Calling a Real Estate Investor who will buy your house in it’s as-is-condition, and will pay you quicker and put more money in your pocket.Who_wants_to_sell_their_home_for_more_this_year_call_214_723_1304

How much more? Call (214) 723-1304 or to find out how much more.

According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), the typical home sold by an agent last year fetched $235,00. That’s a $27,000 difference or savings. Sell your house fast Dallas to an investor, you keep that $27,000.

Now there’s more to the story. Selling your home on your own FSBO doesn’t necessarily mean an agent-free transaction. You still owe it to the buyer’s agent to pay their commission. After all, they worked hard to get their buyer into your home. If they get 3% of the sale, you can cut your $12,500 in savings in half, leaving you $6,250. Who wants to sell their home for more this year? Call (214) 723-1304.

Those numbers alone show a compelling picture. But let’s explore two reasons why the smart home sellers call investors. If you want to sell your home fast, you have to go where the buyers are. You can go online and ask for house buyers in Dallas, Texas. You will get a large response. Now when you contact these buyers, be sure to ask for a (POF) Proof of Funds statement, not a letter but a statement from that buyers lender.

Who wants to Sell Their Home for More This Year? Call (214) 723-1304.

There are many wholesalers in the house buying business, and you don’t want to leave any money at the closing table. Want to know what t he top FSBO sellers used to market their home for sale? A yard sign. Believe it or not yard signs do not have a finger on the market. Think about how many people drive by your home on a daily basis. Stack that up to how many investor / buyers will come out to your house and make you a Cash Offer to buy you r house. Done deal!

With a real estate agent, you do get access to the thousands of potential buyers via the (MLS) multiple listing service. Keep in mind what we mentioned earlier in this post. It can and will take up 90+-days to sell the house, after those buyers are pre-approved and can close. With an investor, we can close (3) days if needed. Who wants to sell their home form ore this year? Call (214) 723-1304.

Let us set the sugar coating aside and cur through the chase of it all. Selling your house alone guarantees one thing. You will make mistakes! Some small, some serious, but you will make the mistakes. Research shows that FSBO sellers struggle mostly with the paperwork, pricing and preparing the home for sale. A real estate agent can and will help you with those things. That agent will also charge you for their time, thought it comes out at closing, they will charge you for their time.

Let’s compare here

The agent will advise you to:

  • Make repairs to the house
  • Pricing the house correctly, or not
  • Show the house, walk people through your house on their schedule, not yours
  • Charge for marketing your home
  • Negotiate the best buying price with buyers
  • Handle all paper work

With a real estate investor,

  • We inspect the house our selves
  • We close FAST
  • We pay the closing cost, not you
  • SOLD in as-is-condition, no need to make any repairs
  • Free Legal assistance
  • All paperwork handled by the Title Company

Who wants to sell their home for more this year? Call (214) 723-1304. Here it is, a top notch agent may have sold many homes last year, or last month. But will you get that same agent for your home sale? Does it stand to reason that that agent can help you achieve the most gain with the least pain? Not always.

Don’t Give Up Money, when You Can Have It ALL

Can you save money by selling your home FSBO? Sure, but you lose out on getting the right price and paying closing cost. You have to price the house correctly. Even an experienced agent gets it wrong many m ore times than correct. Do yourself a favor and call me at (214) 723-1304 Now, to get you a Top Dollar Cash Offer to buy your house.

When you are ready to sell, call a team who buys houses in Dallas/Fort Worth on a daily basis. We buy 100- 120 houses every year. We will happy to buy your house.

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Dallas Housing Market For 2018 – Another Good Year Ahead

Dallas Housing Market for 2018 – Another Good Year Ahead. Recent forecasts for the Dallas, Texas housing market, extending into the fall of 2018, suggest that home-price appreciation will slow. According to a new report from, Dallas is currently one of the hottest housing markets in the United States. But things might cool down just a bit over the coming months.

Dallas One of the 20 Hottest Housing Markets

On 28 September 2017, put out its latest list of the 20 “hottest housing markets for real estate” in the United States. The company’s economist look at a variety of indicators relating to housing supply and demand, and then rank the 20 cities or metro areas with the hottest markets.

House prices in Dallas have risen steadily over the last couple of years. According to the real estate information company Zillow, the median home value in Dallas rose by nearly 8percent over the last 12 months alone ending in October 2017). Dallas Housing Market For 2018 – Another Good Year Ahead.

By their estimation, Dallas, Texas was one of the hottest housing markets in the country for September 2017, appearing at #12 on their list. It’s been on the list for several months.

According the North Texas Real Estate Information System, the average price for a single-family home purchase in the Dallas area reached $299, as of August 2017. That was 7 percent higher than the same month a year earlier. Dallas Housing Market For 2018 – Another Good Year Ahead


Dallas Housing Market For 2018 – Another Good Year Ahead

The Dallas real estate market suggest that prices could slow down a bit over the coming months. The company’s 12-month outlook predicts that the median home value will rise by 4.1 percent between now and October 2018. That would be about half of the growth from the previous 12 months, by their estimation.

To put this in perspective, “average” home price growth over the last decades is somewhere between 3 percent and 5 percent. So perhaps what we are seeing here is a normalization within the Dallas real estate market. Dallas Housing Market For 2018- Another Good Year Ahead

The nearly 8 percent growth recorded over the last year or so is abnormal, as it outpaces wage and income growth. That kind of depreciation is generally not sustainable  over a long period of time, because it creates affordability issues within the housing market. So a slowdown of home prices within the Dallas real estate market could be viewed as a positive trend, from an economic standpoint.

Another prediction for the Dallas real estate market in 2018. Home buyers entering the market next year will encounter limited inventory and stiff competition from other buyers. That’s the situation right now, and those trends will probably continue in 2018.

A so-called “balanced” real estate market is said to have around five to six months worth of supply. Reports showed that the Dallas metro area had a 2.3-month supply of homes for sale, as of September 2017. Dallas Housing Market For 2018 – Another Good Year Ahead

This is one reason why prices have risen so much over the last couple of years. There are plenty of buyers in the market, but limited inventory. Home values tend to rise steadily under such conditions.

The General Consensus

Overall the supply and demand situation in Dallas has been relatively flat over the last few years, but inventory increased a bit during 2017. Increased construction could create a better balance between supply and demand in 2018. Dallas Housing Market For 2018 -Another Good Year Ahead

While we do expect to see (continued) constrained inventory conditions in 2018, buyers might have increased options when it comes to finding a home.

The general consensus among housing analyst and economist is, the Dallas real estate market is hot right now, but it could begin to cool a bit over the coming months. While home prices are expected to continue rising into 2018, the year over year gains will likely be smaller than in the past. Translation: things might be getting back to normal after a couple of years of overhead growth.

Article Topic: Dallas Housing Market For 2018 – Another Good Year Ahead

Avoiding Foreclosure in a Divorce

Avoiding Foreclosure in a Divorce

Avoiding Foreclosure in a Divorce, a tough subject, though it should be addressed. If you find yourself facing divorce, you may have questions about your current mortgage. Specifically as to who is responsibly for the mortgage, liable for the debt after the divorce. As well as how to avoid foreclosure.

The first thing that a divorce couple must figure out is who is responsible for the mortgage debt. In many cases, when married couples first take out a mortgage, they obtain the loan and take title to the property jointly. Sometimes, only one spouse may take out the mortgage and sign the promissory note.

Signing a mortgage and promissory note has important legal and financial ramifications. The note creates the promise to pay. Whereas the mortgage creates the lien on the property. I f both spouses sign the mortgage and the promissory note, they are jointly responsibly for repaying the debt and will both be liable for the deficiency judgement following a foreclosure.

Should only one spouse sign the mortgage and promissory note, then that spouse is solely responsible for paying the debt and is the only person the lender will pursue for the any deficiency after a foreclosure.


If One Spouse Wants to Keep The Home

The next thing a divorcing couple should consider is who, if anyone, wants to keep and remain in the home and make the monthly mortgage payments. Most times, neither will do so. Once you determine which spouse wants to live in the home and remain responsible for the mortgage payments, he or she can:

  • assume the loan or
  • refinance the loan into his/her name only

Mortgage assumption, if one spouse wants to keep the house, that spouse can assume the mortgage and take over responsibility for the loan. Though he or she will have to obtain lender approval showing sufficient income to make the payments.

Due on sale clause does not apply to divorces. I f a mortgage contains a due on sale clause, then the mortgage generally cannot be assumed. A due on sale clause states that if the property is sold or conveyed, then the entire loan balance will be accelerated and the entire balance of the loan must be repaid. And yes, most mortgage contain a due on sale clause.

Refinancing the Mortgage

If one spouse wants to keep the property, another option is for that spouse to refinance the property in his or her sole name to release the co-borrower from the debt. In many cases, the divorce will require one spouse to refinance if he or she wants to keep the property. In doing so, the former spouse is released from the responsibility of making future payments. The spouse who remains in the home must rely on his or her own credit and finances to obtain the new loan.

Post-Divorce Foreclosure, is if a loan was originally taken out by both spouses and the spouse who retains sole ownership of the marital home stops making payments after the divorce, but never took necessary steps to assume or refinance the loan, the other former spouse is still responsible for repayment. The lender may then initiate a foreclosure, which will damage both spouses’ credit scores and could lead to a joint deficiency judgement.

Avoiding Foreclosure in a Divorce

If neither of the spouses wants to keep the home any longer, there area number of options available to avoid foreclosure such as:

  • selling the property to pay off the debt
  • renting out the property and applying the rental income to the monthly mortgage payments
  • arranging a short sale with the lender ( when you make a deal with the bank to sell the home for less than you owe)
  • completing a deed in lieu of foreclosure (when a lender agrees to accept a deed to the property instead of foreclosing in order to obtain title)

These are just some of the things that a foreclosure and divorce can present and should be considered.

House Buyers Beware, 5 Things Sellers Don’t Tell Buyers

House Buyers Beware, 5 Things Sellers Don’t Tell Buyers

House Buyers Beware, 5 Things Sellers Don’t Tell Buyers. So, you have finally found that house and you are ready to make an offer and sign the dotted line. Well, don’t call the mover’s just yet. Your dream home for sale in Dallas, Texas can turn out to be your worst nightmare if the seller failed to disclose a cracked house foundation, or a pest infestation. Now, if you failed to noticed that after the closing, this will all fall on you. Here are five things sellers commonly try to hide during the sales process and questions you can ask the seller.


…leaky faucets, radiators, ceilings, roof’s you name it, real estate agents, brokers and sellers themselves might try to temporarily plug that drip to attract offers. Honesty is always the best policy. Admitting your property’s faults can actually work in your favor. Real estate agents are aware of the leaks, falling down ceiling, roof problem etc…simply to get offers, sell the house and earn their big commission. Leaks are very common, but can easily be fixed before closing.


Don’t judge a book by its cover or a house by its pretty wallpaper or curb appeal. A house that looks beautiful could still have termites eating away inside the walls, and Texas Real Estate Disclosure Laws about pests vary from state to state. Michigan, North Carolina, and Texas require that sellers tell buyers about potential infestations during the sales process. If you have a sneaking suspicion there are pest taking up residence in your new home, don’t it -risk – schedule a pest inspection before closing. House Buyers Beware, 5 Things Sellers Don’t Tell Buyers


Emotional defects

Depending on the state, sellers don’t have to disclose if a property is haunted or if “emotional defects” such as a death or murder occurred there. In 2014, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled in favor of the real estate team that sold a house and did not tell the buyer it had been the site of a murder suicide in 2006. This may not be a deal breaker for you, but you do have a right to know. At least in some states. If local laws don’t require a reveal, websites like can give you peace of mind.

Issues with the Roof or Foundation

Look at the foundation on the inside and outside. Do you see cracks in the walls? If so, it could cost you thousands of dollars to repair if you close on the house in it’s as-is-condition. Get the inspection on the foundation.

Do you smell mold in the basement or garage? Ask the owner/seller if he/she would cut a small section of sheet rock to check sheet rock for the source of smell, like any any moisture. Remember, if it smells like mold, there is mold.

Age of Home Systems

Real estate agents work with many sellers who try to hide the ages of water heaters, HVAC systems with two simple words :Don’t know:. A home inspector can find out that information  very quickly. So when in doubt, ask your inspector to look into it. And before you even get to the inspection stage, the property disclosure report can be telling.

House Buyers Beware, 5 Things Sellers Don’t Tell Buyers

Selling Your Home in Dallas/Fort Worth? call (214) 723-1304.

When Should You Sell Your Home?

Selling Your Home in Dallas/Fort Worth? call (214) 723-1304. The will be a whole slew of questions and a lot of times, anxiety. You ask yourself, how much is my home worth? What if I price it too high or too low? Are you willing to pay 6 percent commission to a realtor? Do you need to sell now or quickly so as to meet a deadline. Should you make repairs such as, painting, roofing,foundation ect…All this you should be asking yourself.

As an experienced real investor, I write this article to help you the home seller look at the selling process step by step. Also to provide links to other sources of information.

Step 1. Decide How the Local Market Will Affect Your House Sale

Hot or Col? A ‘hot’ market is one in which there are more buyers than sellers, so the buyers are competing with each other and driving up prices. When should you jump in this type of market? A ‘cold’ market is one with more sellers than buyers, so the buyers can be choosy and buy low. in a hotter market, you can price your house aggressively. In a colder market, setting the price at or a little below market value is best. so that the house doesn’t stagnate on the market.

Do a lot research in your local market. Don’t rely solely on the national headlines even in the coldest markets, for example, houses in some neighborhoods or cities continue to hold their value and even attract multiple offers. Talking with your neighbors can teach you a fair amount about your local real estate market. Local newspapers can help. Selling your home in Dallas/Fort Worth? call (214) 723-1304.


Step 2. Using Comparable Houses to Set Your List Price

What is a ‘comp’ you ask? A ‘comp’ is only one of many factors that go into pricing your house for sale. Comparable’s are used to see the sold-price of other homes in your immediate neighborhood. With these sold prices, you can gather information such as square footage, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, style of property, and repairs that are needed or were made prior to selling the house. Should your house have similar features and in close proximity to your house, chances are you can price closely to that property.

To get ‘Sold-Comps” visit open houses in your area, read the classified ads (in print or online), and check out real estate websites which contain real estate listing’s from the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) are particularly helpful. Check out or

Look at the actual selling prices or ‘sold price’ of houses in your immediate area. this will help you decide what price to set on your house. Again, ask yourself, is your house retail ready, or does it need some cosmetic repairs or major repairs? Selling your home in Dallas/Fort Worth? call (214) 723-1304.

Don’t wait for a real estate agent, if you work with one, to put a dollar figure on how much your house is worth. For one thing, less scrupulous agents may inflate their estimates to capture your business. Call a couple of real estate investors to make offers on your house. They will tell you what repairs are needed for retail ready. An investor should also show you the ‘sold comparable’s’ in the area.

Step 3. Assemble Your Team of Professionals

Some sellers want to work with a real estate agent or attorney at some point in the process. In Texas a Title Company is required to transfer ownership of the property. Real Estate agents usually charge a 6% commission for helping you sell your house. Many home owners do not want to pay that amount and will try selling their house as For Sale by Owner. which can be a good decision on their part.

Despite the cost, experienced, responsible professionals can ultimately save you time, money and aggravation. Unfortunately, there are plenty of incompetent or unethical ones out there as well. Selling your home in Dallas/Fort Worth? call (214) 723-1304.

Step 4. Make Your House Look It’s Best

Before putting your house on the market, make it look as attractive as possible. Buyers will pay thousands of dollars more for a house if they like the look. Usually you don’t need to do a major remodel. A fresh coat of paint. however, can brighten your home’s prospects considerably. Again, ask your family and friends what their thoughts are on making any repairs to the house.

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10 Mistakes Sellers Make When Selling a House

10 Mistakes Sellers Make When Selling a house

Mistake #1 – Signing a standard agency Agreement

10 Mistakes Sellers Make When Selling a House. 80% of home seller’s make these mistakes. The most dangerous thing you can sign is a standard selling agreement. Thousands of sellers make this mistake – they signup with a real estate agent without realizing what  they are doing. Once you sign, you are at the mercy of the agent/ You have lost control. Many agents describe sellers as being controlled – it means the agent has control.

Agents may say their agreement is ‘standard’.  But it is designed to the agent’s standard, not to your standards. It totally protects the agent. it barely protects you. Seriously, be careful. An agent’s selling agreement is a legal contract. Treat it seriously!

Don’t sign any contract unless you are guaranteed that your basic rights are protected. Seek independent legal advice or use the Consumer Protection Notice for home-sellers, which has been designed in consultation with legal experts and consumer advocates.

This guarantee is available to all home-sellers at no charge and with no obligation. Despite what some agents may say, you can use it with any agent in any area. This guarantee has huge support from consumers, lawyers and consumer advocates. The guarantee prevents the agent from hurting you. If an agent does not want to sign it,do not hire that agent, no matter what you are told.

10_Mistakes_Seller_Make_When_Selling a_House

Call me – I Pay Top Dollar for Houses (214) 723-1304.

Mistake #2 – Not Trusting the Agent

If you do not trust the agent, don’t hire the agent. The most important ingredient in any relationship, business or personal, is trust. Before you choose your agent, ask many questions, check references. insist on a Guarantee, test their negotiating skills and ask yourself a Big question: “Do I feel comfortable with this person handling the sale of my home”? If your answer is No, do not hire the agent. 80% of Home-Seller’s Make These 10 Mistakes.

Feeling good is not a good enough reason to trust the agent. you need proof that the agent deserves your trust. And that’s easy – just make sure that anything you are told verbally is Guaranteed in writing. When the agent says something that sounds good, you should say, “that sounds good, would you give me that in writing”? This will really test whether or not the agent deserves to be trusted.

10 Mistakes Sellers Make When Selling a House. Call me – I Pay Top Dollar for Houses in DFW

(214) 723-1304.

Mistake #3 – The Quote Trap

One of the most common mistakes made by sellers is believing the price the agent quotes for the sale of your home. Once you sign-up with an agent, if the selling price is less than the price you were quoted, too bad. there is nothing in the ‘standard’ real estate agreement that compels agents to honor their quotes.

The ‘Quote Trap‘ catches thousands of sellers who are told one price before they sign-up and another price after they have signed-up. As absurd as it seem, if a home sells for any price, the agent still gets paid. 10 Mistakes Sellers Make When Selling a House. 80% of home seller’s make these mistakes.

Insist on a written guarantee, just as you would with any business. You should only pay the agent if you get  the price you were quoted-or more. Do not accept any excuses about ‘the market’. An agent who is telling you the truth about pricing your home will have no qualms about giving you a written commitment, that the words you hear are the truth.

Mistake #4 – Failing to Check out the Agent

Choosing an agent based solely on a high quoted price and a low commission rate can be a dreadful mistake. Agents who offer low commissions can be poor negotiators. you are hiring an agent to negotiate the best market price for your home. take the time to ‘check out’ the agent. A little research can mean BIG savings for you.

Once you have signed-up with an agent you may be horrified at the things the agent says and does when handling the sale of your home. Many agents openly encourage buyers to offer lower prices. Many agents reveal confidential information about sellers, such as ‘These people are in trouble’. if you have a pressing reason for selling -illness, divorce, financial commitments, ect…the agent may tell buyers about your reason for selling. This really weakens your position.

Treat hiring an agent like a job application. Ignore written references because you may only be shown the good ones. you must discover of the agent is honest and competent. There are two ways to do this. First, ask the agent for details of all their current home-sellers. Call some of these people and see if they recommend the agent. And second, you should ‘Mystery Shop’ the agent to make sure the agent is not going to say one thing to you and another thing to buyers.

Call the agents office and make inquiries about one or more of the homes they have for sale. Ask questions such as ‘Why is the home being sold’? and ‘what is the correct price the owners will take for this home’?

Mistake #5 – Signing Up For Too Long

Thousands of home sellers get caught with the wrong agent. If you sign a standard real estate agreement, and later, you are not happy with the agent, it is very hard to get out of the agreement. Once you sign-up, you’re locked-in for the time period you signed-up for. This is one of the most frustrating mistakes made by home-sellers. 10 Mistakes Sellers Make When Selling a House. 80% of home seller’s make these mistakes.

Don’t sign anything which locks you into an agreement for a long time. Consumer advocates recommend short time periods. In Dallas, 60 days is the maximum time allowed by law. But, even that may be too long, because the longer the agent has your home, the more chance that you will be pressed to lower your price.

The maximum time should be 7 weeks (49) days. Many sellers only give an agent 30 days to start with. If you are happy, you can extend the time later. Be careful. Keep control. Insist on a short selling agreement. I Pay Top Dollar for houses in Dallas/Fort Worth (214) 723-1304.


Mistake #6 – The Advance Fee Scam

It’s a BIG mistake to pay any money in advance. Many sellers hand over thousands of dollars and lose their money. Consumer advocates call this the’Advance Fee Scam’. In real estate, it is called ‘up-front money’. The excuse is advertising, which involves some of the worst traps for sellers. It is a very easy mistake to make. It is also very easy to avoid.

Do Not pay any money in advance for any reason. Many home-sellers are now waking up to this mistake. They say to agents, ‘We will only pay you if our home is sold and we are satisfied. If not, we pay nothing. Also, don’t sign anything which requires you to pay any money if your home is not sold. You should only pay the agent after your home has been sold and you received the price and service you were promised.

Mistake #7 – Becoming a Victim of Conditioning

Conditioning is one the cruelest real estate tricks. It has one purpose. to convince sellers to lower their prices so that their homes can be easily sold, thus ensuring that the agents get paid. 10 Mistakes Sellers Make When Selling a House.

There are two classic symptoms of conditioning. First, is when the agent praises your home before you sign and then criticizes your home after you signed. Second, is when the price the agent quotes you becomes much less after you sign.

Conditioning works in two stages. First stage is the ‘Activity’ Stage. this is when the agent creates lots of activity – which causes your home to be sold for a lower price. Second stage, is the ‘Crunch. This is when pressure is applied to you to reduce your price.

Conditioning is a common and real trick in real estate. It is taught in several real estate courses. Most sellers are no match for trained agents. If you are being pressured to lower your price, or the agent is using methods which can cause you to get a lower price, you should have the right to dismiss the agent. 10 Mistakes Sellers Make When Selling a House. 80% of home seller’s make these mistakes.

Call (214) 723-1304 to get Top Dollar for your home.

Mistake #8 – Advertising & Lower Prices

Thousands of home sellers do not realize how agents  use advertising to promote themselves. And very few sellers realize how advertising damages the value of their homes. Typically, real estate advertising often gets lower prices. It is a ‘conditioning weapon’ to convince you to lower your price.

The more a home is advertised and the longer it remains unsold, the easier it is to persuade you to lower your price. When buyers see a home advertised week after week, they wonder what is wrong with the house. It can easily become known as a lemon.  And lemons get lower prices.

If advertising really was the cause of selling your home, why would you need an agent? You could put ads in the paper yourself and save thousands of dollars in commissions. 10 Mistakes Sellers Make When Selling a House.

Agents will tell a home seller that their home needs lots of exposure. But exposure is like sunburn. The more you expose your home with typical real estate ads, the more you burn your price. You are selling your home, not the buyer of ads.

Mistake #9 – An Agent Who Treats Buyers Badly

Agents who treat buyers badly will also treat sellers badly. If you have ever tried to buy a home you will know exactly what this means. 10 Mistakes Sellers Make When Selling a House. 80% of home seller’s make these mistakes.

Buyers like to deal with agents who will listen to them. but thousands of buyers at the lack of courtesy from agents – especially when it comes to returning phone calls or keeping in touch. Many agents advertise constantly rather than keeping in touch with buyers who inquire to the offices. This is inefficient, incompetent and lazy.

Agents who tell sellers that they have to “find a buyer”. But this makes almost no sense. If the agent is efficient the agent should already know who is looking to buy because all buyers come into an area before they buy.

Mistake #10 – Poor Negotiator

The main reason home – sellers lose money is because so many agents are poor negotiators. There is a BIG difference between what a buyer pays for your home and what that buyer would have paid. Most agents do not know how to obtain the best market price.

Just ask anyone who has bought a home what was the price they paid for the house, and what would they have paid for that house. Thousands of buyers are able to buy a house below their maximum price because so many agents are such poor negotiators. It is astounding.

You don’t need a slick sales person, you need a good negotiator. A good negotiator can easily mean an extra ten percent on your selling price. To discover if an agent is a skilled negotiator, ask the agent to teach you something about negotiations. If you are not impressed with what you hear, if yo do not learn something worthwhile, do not hire that agent. Insist on an agent who is a skilled negotiator.    10 Mistakes Sellers Make When Selling a House.

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Real Estate Professionals, You Probably Know One

Sell Your House Fast Dallas

Selling Your House? Make The Market Work For You

Selling Your House? Make The Market Work For You

Selling your house? Make the market work for you. Whether the local real estate market is hot or still making the comeback, there are steps you can take to reach the right buyers, pick the best offers and get top dollar for your home.

Selling Your House from start to finish, you will learn to do it all in the shortest possible time. The Dallas housing market offers solid possibilities for selling your home at a profit. But what should you do first, renovate, call an investor or an agent?

  • Making your property look it best
  • determining the right sale price and time
  • working with an investor
  • choosing offers and negotiating the contract

Real estate experts all say the same thing.

  • get to know your local market
  • set a price that will attract buyers to make offers
  • working with investors
  • find the right real estate agent for you
  • determining which repairs and upgrades pay off best
  • make the legally required disclosures to buyers
  • selling the house without an agent (FSBO)
  • negotiating repairs and contingencies
  • closing successfully

Selling Your House? Make The Market Work For You

How soon are you wanting to sell your house? Depending on your own readiness to move and what shape your house is in, is all up to you. Start planning this as a major life event months in advance. Once you start working with an investor or an agent, there will be a lot to do to get your home ready for sale. Evaluate your home’s condition and identify issues that you might want to address right away. Becoming aware of your house’s strong points for marketing purposes.

Selling_Your_House?_Make_The_Real_Estate_Market_Work_For_YouWhen is the best  time to put your house on the market in your area? Start looking at other homes in your area. House’s that are listed in your area are the best to view first.Make a comparison of what the updates and repairs made to those other house’s.

Do a budget for the repairs needed in your house. No need to wait, start fixing and decluttering now! So you say your house is beautiful, maybe so, as long as you don’y see that crack in the wall or stains on the carpet. Are there marks or scratches on the doors through out the house?

Prepare Your House to Sell

No matter how clean or tidy you are, your house is probably not ready to market as you might think it is. As with most all home sellers, you have been in the home for years. A lot can happen and a lot of stuff has piled up over the years. The longer you put off dealing with it, the sooner you should busy cleaning it out. Selling Your House? Make The Market Work For You.

Two months of constantly cleaning and making repairs is the ideal time frame for major project like this. Some houses don’t need this amount of time. But most do. I have worked with owner/sellers that need more time, and I have worked with some that only need a couple of weeks.  The houses that need the most prep time are those that the owner/seller has lived in longer. The problems add up and are normally not attended to in a timely manner.

Given the work involved in getting your home ready for market,you might want to dive in before you’ve chosen an investor to vie it. But don’t worry much there, as most investors will buy your house in it’s as-is-condition.

When prospective buyers come along, they will likely be scrutinizing your home condition. Not with an investor. Obvious issues that a nonprofessional could pick out, such as the stains on the carpets and scratches on the doors will make a house harder to sell and lower it’s value.

Other issues that may tend to be noticed right away include doors that do not close properly, linoleum tile, cracks on the walls and ceilings, old out dated counter tops, interior & exterior paint. Some things that you may never have considered.

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Why do some houses sit on the market for sale, longer than others?

Why do some houses sit on the market for sale, longer than others?

Why do some houses sit on the market for sale, longer than others? One of the most fundamental changes the Dallas Real Estate Market has seen since the last recession, is the rapid disappearance of new and existing houses priced below $200,000. Houses at or below $200,00 price point made up 66 percent of all home sales here in 2011.

Today, just 39 percent of all houses sold here are below that price point. Houses above that price point have proven to need a lot of work. This is also the case outside of central Dallas. Suburbs that have the most existing sub-$200,000 houses are Richardson, Garland, Mesquite and The Colony have the fewest properties for sale. And most of those houses are not for sale.

Even so, the local construction market, which employs  81,000 workers in the Dallas area, has found that it lacks 10,00to 20,000 skilled workers. So, to the point, if you want or need to remodel or make small repairs to your home, you need to make appointments as far out as 3 to 4 months.

Last year, 73 percent of all new construction was for houses priced at $300,000 and above. And just 8 percent was for houses priced below $200,000 has helped the city’s median home prices rise to $236,000, which for the first time puts Dallas higher than the National median of ($232,00)

While the increased supply is a nice change for buyers, for sellers it’s not yet working out. This spring, sales were down 27 percent on the year for the whole area, across all prices. Supply was up. Demand was down.

Why_do_some_houses_sit_on_the_market_for_sale_longer_than_others?And yet, that’s the scenario playing out in any number of neighborhoods and suburban cities across the area. And the number of days that properties sit on the market has in creased as a result in selected spots.

Why do some houses sit on the market for sale, longer than others?

Some are relived that the pace of sales has let up, if only a little. you can ‘t expect your house to sell in three days anymore. That’s still happening, but we have more inventory now, and that’s not been great for many sellers. But is has been good for many buyers. And after these past few years, any sense of balance in this market is really appreciated.

Higher interest rates or higher level of political volatility in Washington could weigh prices down faster than expected. Of course, any number of other factors could throw off that balance. Or, another big corporate relocation announcement could push prices up to create another hot market. Either way, while it seems closer, this market’s peak is not yet in clear sight.

When you look at listings for homes online, they usually have a part of the listing that shows how long the house has been on the market or (DOM) days on market. After 90 days, most real estate agents deem that property as stale. This stale property may get less money when it finally does sell. Why? Many buyers see a longer time on the market and make an assumption that there’s something wrong with the home.

Many home buyers see a longer time on the market and assume that the other home buyers who have viewed the house know something that they don’t. Then they just ignore the house all together. However, most real estate agents will tell you that it’s less likely that the home has major problems. Here are some of the reasons why do some houses sit on the market for sale, longer than others?

Priced too high – What’s the main cause of a home sitting on the market forever. The listing price is too high. Every home will sell at the right listing price. And if it’s the wrong price, then it will just sit on the market. Buyers most likely jumped when the home was put on the market, And after seeing the property, decided to buy something that was a better value.

Stubborn Seller – Along with this high listing price, the seller may be stubbornly refusing to lower the listing price. Sellers should be willing to negotiate their prices in order to get their home off the market.

Hard To Show – Sometimes the home just doesn’t show well. The seller may need a professional designer or staging help. Other sellers need to open their schedules to let potential buyers view the property.

It was FSBO and a Realtor took it over – As I have seen many times. Sometimes home sellers try to sell their home themselves as a FSBO. Many times these houses stay on the market for months. Simply because home sellers can’t make time to show the house, because they’re at work. A realtor may have taken over the listing when the FSBO gave up on selling the home.

The Home is i Bad Condition – If worse comes to worse, the home may actually be in condition. Sometimes sellers want to offer buyers credit for repairs that they don’t want to do themselves. This usually keeps buyers away from the home. They don’t want to have to fix up the home (unless they’re looking for a fixer-upper). The best way to see if the home is in bad condition is to make an offer and then inspect the home. If the home inspector see major problems with the home’s systems and appliances, and the seller refuses to budge on the price and won’t fix the systems or appliances. Decide if you’re OK with fixing up the place yourself. Or if you should find a better home elsewhere.

If you are worried about why a home is on the market too long, ask your realtor. They should be able to tell you what’s going on with the home.

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Listings under $300,000 in North Texas –

Listings under $300,000 in North Texas –, they will usually be off market and sold in a matter of days, or weeks, not months. You got your starter homes, your first-time-home buyers and select investors are still picking up these properties in that price range fast. These house nuder $300,000 sell very fast.

Millennials and Empty Nesters

We still prefer to buy these type of houses for that one reason alone. Very low days on the market! And it’s not just the millennials craving the urban lifestyle. Many empty nesters are looking to more near downtown Dallas.

All of North Texas is seeing these same houses under $.300,000, being sold very fast. We as local real estate investment company must keep 14 to 16 rehab house projects lined up waiting to be rehabbed, in order to stay ahead of the game.

We have been in the real estate investment business since 2001 in North Texas. For the last five years, prices have shot up. Most of the properties we buy are through the Foreclosure process or Probate properties or inheritance. With houses staying on the market a few days longer now, we see the slowing market coming.

Oak Cliff, Texas

Take Oak Cliff, Texas for instance. Houses in that area were probably undervalued in the past, so when home prices increased 25 percent in that area, it was more of a market correction in itself. Listings under $300,000 in North Texas –

Houses we could have bought a year ago, are now $60,000 more today on average. There is a struggle to find a great house under $300,000. Where maybe two or three years ago you could maybe get a house around or under the $300,000 price point. When a house does come available at that price point, it always becomes a bidding war.


Approximately 96 percent of first time home buyers use a mortgage to finance their home purchase. That makes the share of first time home buyers in the market closely connected with increases and decreases in the mortgage rates. Listings under $300,000 in North Texas –

That’s part of the reason why when mortgage rates rose in late 2016, the share of first-time home buyers dropped and is expected to stay below average.

Dallas has been racking a little bit lower than the rest of the country. The County of Dallas is relatively expensive compared to many markets where we’re seeing them have more success. About 44 percent of people buying a home in the U.S.A. are first time home buyers. While that’s above average, it’s down from 55 percent for the industry.

Another factor contributing to the drop in first time home buyers and the national rise in housing prices and low inventory. that holds true for North Texas. People are pouring into the North Texas area from other cities and other countries. Causing home prices to rise by 43 percent in the last five years.

Listings under $300,000 in North Texas –

The National Association of Realtors said that while 2016 was a great year for existing home sales, December saw a 2.8 percent drop because of high cost caused by record low inventory.

Home affordability, for both buying and renting remains a pressing concern because of another year of insufficient home construction. After beating expectations in September, October and December last year. Reality finally caught up with existing homes sales in December last year. At  this point, lackluster inventory remains the number one driver of sales and prices. Listings under $300,000 in North Texas –

The industry is trying its best to keep up with demand in DFW. In 2017, residential strategies projected 32,000 new homes will be built. That would be the first time since before the housing crash DFW will eclipse the 30,000 mark.

Industry experts say mortgage rates are expected to grow even more this year. So will the trend of decreased number of first time home buyers. After all, mortgage rates started rising in October 2016 and there was still a healthy number of first timers in the market.

Since the recession, when an all time high of 50 percent of home buyers were first timers. The number has steadily gone down until it bottomed out at 32 percent in 2015. Despite ending in a frenzy, it recovered only slightly in 2016 to 35 percent, which is still below average.

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